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A little bit of information about myself

I am a musician by profession (cellist) and have been playing for the past 16 years with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia which is located in La Coruña in the North West of Spain.
I received my musical formation in Munich, where I was born, from Heinrich Klug and later at the Academy for Music and Applied Arts in Vienna from Tobias Kühne and Valentin Erben (Alban Berg Quartett).

After finishing my studies with the title "Masters of performance", my wife and I founded our chamber music ensemble "Artemis Ensemble" with which we are still performing regularly.For more information please visit this page.

Before I decided on becoming a musician, I was doing an apprenticeship in carpentry as the initial plan was to become a violin maker. However, during the apprenticeship it became clear that what I really wanted to do was playing the cello, so I decided to switch professions.
Curiously, 10 years ago, I picked up carpentry and violin making again and started a small musical instrument business and violin repair shop. You can visit my instrument shop on this page.

Ever since I was a child I was interested in all kinds of sciences and in particular astronomy. In fact, becoming an astronomer was very high on my top 10 list of professions. I used to observe the heavens with a small 60 mm refractor that showed me little more than the moon and the rings of Saturn. However, that small telescope started a livelong love affair with the night sky and of course the desire for bigger instrumentation.

Apart from making music, tinkering in my workshop and dreaming up new and ever bigger telescopes, I love sports and in particular long-distance running, rock climbing and hiking.

We live with our wonderful dogs Simba and Leia in the outskirts of La Coruña, which is probably one of the most picturesque places in Spain.

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